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Now you can play with friends and colleagues

Anywhere in the world

Like never before


 One of your guests

is a killer

Here's the 411:
Gather up to 100 of your closest  friends, family or colleagues from anywhere in the world, any time of day, any day of the year.
8 of your folks play the suspects as our Special Officer reveals the crime, handles the investigation, presents  evidence and turns up the heat on the culprit.
Only the murderer knows who they are, so everyone gets to try their hand at solving  the mystery.
We give you everything you need to have a BLAST while making your show a success. We supply the suspect profiles, a pro actor to facilitate the show and much more. We'll even give your group a chance to socialize before the show. No acting experience necessary, just a desire to have FUN!
Professional fill-in actors are available if you don't have 8 guests ready to fill the roles.


Part social


Part Mystery


A whole lot of fun




A super way to

reconnect with your

work-from-home team without focusing on work

or isolation. Team-building package available.



A birthday celebration, family/friends reunion or

just because, our Zoom Mystery is FUNtastic entertainment that will have your gang sharing a laugh.

We make it EASY for awesome people anywhere to play together.

Let us be your accomplice to an unforgettable experience. Drop us a line now to get the ball rolling

What are you waiting for? Your KILLER event is only a click away.



Knockin'em Dead Since 1992

Zoom Mystery is a

BigTime Murder Production

For over 28 years we've entertained hundreds of thousands of people all over the world with our award winning brand of comedically interactive Mystery theatre and Variety shows. Our attention to detail, as we've entertained the general public and the who's-who of the corporate world, has made us famous.


Pete Dillon is our President-At-Large and a Top Forty Under 40 award recipient. Back in 1992 Pete started his dream job when he founded BigTime Murder Productions. It's not unusual for show-goers to recognize Pete from the dozens of Films, Television shows and commercials he's performed in, including ABC TV's Quantico, SUITS, Murdoch Mysteries, Orphan Black, Saving Hope, Flashpoint, NIKITA, Degrassi The Next Generation, Hell on Wheels, The Detectives, and countless movies of the week, to name a few. Pete has performed in well over a thousand BigTime shows and still performs in as many as he can fit into his schedule. Find out more about BigTime here.


ZoomMystery on BTR

with Milky...  

"Pete Dillon's murder mystery business had to suddenly shut down in the wake of Covid 19. Within days, he moved his business on-line, creating amazingly fun, interactive murder "u-done it's" for you to enjoy with friends, family, co-workers - from anywhere in the world! This Ottawa based business is a GREAT story and we hope you enjoy listening to it."

Watch/Hear Milkman's interview here

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ZoomMystery boss Pete Dillon chats with Dahlia Kurtz on "The Goods"

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