zoom mystery

Work From Home staff events and geographically separated birthday parties have never been more FUN!
Everyone meets online, but BEWARE – one of your guests is trying to get away with MURDER!

Just the facts:

Part social

Part Mystery

A whole lot of fun

Virtual Murder Mystery
Zoom Murder Mystery Party

One of your guests

is a killer

Gather up to 498 of your closest friends, family or colleagues from anywhere in the world, any time of day, any day of the year… but don’t believe everything they tell you because one of them is a KILLER!

8 of your folks play the suspects as our Special Officer reveals the crime, handles the investigation, presents evidence and turns up the heat on the culprit.

Only the murderer knows who they are, so everyone gets to try their hand at solving the mystery.

We make it EASY for you to relax and have a BLAST with your guests. We supply the suspect profiles, a professional actor to facilitate the show while guiding your suspects, and much more. We’ll even give your group a chance to socialize before the show. No acting experience necessary, just a desire to have FUN!

Professional fill-in actors are available if you don’t have 8 guests ready to fill the roles.

Zoom Murder Mystery Party

“This is way more fun than we expected to have on Zoom!”

                                      – Rabina L.

Now you can play with
and colleagues Anywhere in
the world Like never before!