ZoomMystery killin' it online with their super popular shows being enjoyed during holiday parties, corporate team-building events, birthday parties and more, all over the world.
CBC Radio's Here And Now interview from December 2020
The Pivot Of Pivots; 
28 year old award-winning live entertainment company goes virtual and it's a HIT. 

ZoomMystery boss Pete Dillon chats with Dahlia Kurtz on "The Goods"


ZoomMystery on BTR with Milky...  

"Pete Dillon's murder mystery business had to suddenly shut down in the wake of Covid 19. Within days, he moved his business on-line, creating amazingly fun, interactive murder "u-done it's" for you to enjoy with friends, family, co-workers - from anywhere in the world! This Ottawa based business is a GREAT story and we hope you enjoy listening to it."     Watch/Hear Milkman's interview here

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